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    Lagos City

    “Eko Wengele” as it is popularly called is a metropolitan city of Nigeria. It’s the heartbeat of Nigeria economy. As a point of factly, for anything to service or stay in Nigeria, it must first pass through the city of Lagos. Lagos is where you have the full knowledge of hustle and bustle. it’s a city known for its traffic gridlock and overcrowdedness. well, it’s not a place for the lazy. It’s a place for the up and doing, It’s often believed and has become an indoctrination that anybody who goes to Lagos will surely return home with fortune – it’s not so. Only a person who knows what he’s…

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    Record-Breaking Scholars

    Topman Entertainment will bring your way Nigerian scholars who are breaking the records and ground across the globe. It won’t stop there, it will look into the Nigerian community and bring to limelight scholars who are making heads way academically, but not well celebrated. It must be noted that certain things are being celebrated as a ridicule to education – which should not be so. Here, we’ll ensure scholars are celebrated and present them to opportunities and environment where they can be celebrated and handsomely rewarded

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